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Leading / Following For sales professionals and consultants


The impact of cognitive bias Video-byte explaining the impact of confirmation bias.

First impressions Video-bytes and micro-learning exploring how client/customer conversations can start badly, plus how to avoid one-way conversations.

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The power of good questioning Micro-learning to improve questioning skills. Asking better questions prevents high Leading scorers from dominating and “telling”. Also helps Followers ease into conversations and find interesting topics to discuss.

prefrr Master
prefrr Master
prefrr Master

Video-bytes explaining SHAPE Questioning. SHAPE is a flexible questioning approach that drives engaging, two-way conversations.

The power of good listening Article are 'Do you really listen' and self-assessment (with tips for improvement) focused on the key skill of listening.

Balancing the conversation flow Video-byte and micro-learning explaining how Value Sheets guide conversations towards value to the client/customer and help high Leading scorers to focus better.

See the world from the other side Video-bytes and micro-learning to better position your ideas, products and services. High leading scorers are sometimes not good at seeing the world from other peoples’ viewpoint. Low scorers sometimes struggle to articulate their ideas. N-F-B can help both groups.

Understanding the impact on your relationships Micro-learning and assessment tool to assess and understand the implications of different relationship types, particularly ad-hoc and technical relationships that are common with those who score high in Leading/Following.

Video-bytes explaining ad-hoc and technical relationships