Opportunity / Fear For sales professionals and consultants


Dr Neil Rackham, academic and leading author (SPIN Selling) on sales methodologies, commented as long ago as 2006 that:

“Today, the most dynamic growth opportunities come from divergent offerings. 
Salespeople following problem-based models often fail to uncover opportunities until very late in the call – if at all. 

What is needed is an approach that encourages discussion of  opportunities much earlier in the sales process.“

Micro-learning... improve questioning skills. Asking better questions prevents high Leading scorers from dominating and “telling”. Also helps Followers ease into conversations and find interesting topics to discuss.


Video-bytes... ...explaining SHAPE Questioning. SHAPE is a flexible questioning approach that drives engaging, two-way conversations.

Video-bytes and micro-learning Video-byte and micro-learning explaining how Value Sheets guide conversations towards value to the client/customer and help high Leading scorers to focus better.

Video-bytes and micro-learning... better position your ideas, products and services. High leading scorers are sometimes not good at seeing the world from other peoples’ viewpoint. Low scorers sometimes struggle to articulate their ideas. N-F-B can help both groups.

Micro-learning and assessment tool... assess and understand the implications of different relationship types, particularly ad-hoc and technical relationships that are common with those who score high in Leading/Following.

Video-bytes... ..explaining ad-hoc and technical relationships