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engage universe offers training workshops and e-learning modules, which aim to improve  the business relationship and sales skills of individuals.

engage is a comprehensive, integrated and flexible development program, comprising workshops, e-learning, coaching and other tools.

The engage program is based on Smarter Selling, which was developed by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert (Financial Times, 2007 and 2011), and has become an internationally acclaimed book on developing business relationships.  Since then the approach has been used to deliver sales training to executives, professionals and sales teams around the world in advanced business relationship and sales skills.

engage universe's global faculty of business relationship and sales trainers are available to develop teams around the world, including in the Americas, mainland China and Hong Kong SAR, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and in mainland Europe. You can find our more on our trainer locations below.

If you are interested in finding  out more on the engage universe approach, and how we can help you and your teams, please email us at info@engage-universe.com.

engage learning programs

The engage Development Program will enable you or your people to:

  • Understand your buyer's goal, strategies, priorities and challenges better
  • Be able to build rapport and trust with your buyers
  • Be seen as a business partner by your buyers
  • Position your services and capabilities better so that your clients see more value from their relationship with your organisation
  • Increase your win ratio on proposals and their efficiency of response
  • Improve client retention
  • Break down internal barriers and improve collaboration to improve service delivery

Industry and sector guidance

engage workshops have been developed for specific industries and sectors to help in embedding the skills.

These include:

  • engage - advisory
  • engage - legal
  • engage - financial services
  • engage - private banking
  • engage - insurance services
  • engage - technology
  • collaborate - partnering with the business (for internal consultants and support personnel)
  • coach - for help coaching individuals and teams

We are able to tailor our development programs to your needs.

For more details, visit engage workshops.

International network

engage universe has an international network of trainers and coaches.

Our experienced trainers can help you and your teams achieve better business and stakeholder relationships.

Fully trained and with the support of our global team, our sales skills facilitators are able to understand your priorities and help you in transforming your organization.

Around the regions

  • South Africa
    Vanessa Bluen
    Gina Hayden
    Daleen Oosthuizen
    Marti Janse van Rensburg
    Alan Ahlfeldt
    Dr. Eric Kumkani

  • Brazil
    Vinícius Carvalho

    Markus Van Aardt
    Laura Clark-Lumbard
    Norman Piche
    Mary Lou Archibald
    Rhonda Caldwell
    Heather Cameron
    Dave Newby
    Karmin McKay

    Michael Ward
    William G. Vlcek
    Alison Piggot
    Oren Pfefermann
    Claudia Saunders
    Mary Kay Badar
    Marissa Schoemer
    Christina Adams
    Tony Bolling
    Mary Ann Rettig-Zucchi

  • Australia
    Keith Dugdale
    Kathryn Tyrell
    Chris Reardon
    Jennifer McAllister
    Sue Ella Prodonovich
    Ben Faranda
    Tim Higgs
    Karen Conaghan
    Paul Hodgson
    Dennis Hall
    Anthony Idle
    Camille Bath
    Neill Wiffin
    Michael Schiffner
    Alan Blair
    Jean Woo
    Jim Wilson
    Denis Bourke

    Philip Lai
    Cissy Lee

    Hong Kong SAR
    David Lambert
    Anthony Brophy
    Perry Lam
    Matthew Tsui

    Sunao Fujii

    New Zealand
    Alex Smith

    David MacDonald
    Tony Moore
    Sunao Fujii
    Vivienne Teo

    South Korea
    Perry Lam
    Harry Cho
    H.Y. Chung

    Atchara Juicharern

  • Austria
    Delf Ornelas

    Hywel Thomas

    Czech Republic
    Monika Kavanova
    Martina Šmidochová
    Roman Šuk
    Pavel Salava
    Jitka Skrivankova
    David Beska

    Michael Suethold

    Delf Ornelas

    Tarek Nassar

    Federico Aloisi

    The Netherlands
    Dominic Kotarski

    Laura Klos Sokol
    John Kubiniec
    Klaudia Zukowska
    Pawel Braty
    Lucian Mihai
    Silvia Bogdan

    Monica Fernandez
    Sudhir Seyboth

    Delf Ornelas

    United Kingdom
    David Lambert
    Julia Holmes
    Michelle Brailsford
    Paul Redwood
    Matthew Gregory
    Linda Bullen

Contact us

To find out more about engage universe, including our affiliate network, please email info@engage-universe.com.

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