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engage universe provides resources to help implement the IoweU approaches outlined in the book Smarter Selling.

Smarter Selling is published by Financial Times Prentice Hall, and is now in its second edition.

It is one of the best-selling sales skills books and is available in five languages, including Chinese and Russian.

It focuses on how to build long-term trusted business relationships that result in value for your clients and yourself.

This leading sales skills book will introduce you to fundamental sales skills including:

  • how to prepare effectively for conversations and meetings with your clients and business contacts.
  • effective questioning techniques which can be used to building your business relationships, as well as help uncover your client's priorities, opportunities and challenges.
  • how to share your experience with your clients so they see true value in every meeting with you.
  • how to present your ideas to your clients.

ChineseSS2forwebThis best practice sales skills book was co-written by David Lambert, who has international experience of sales skills and training, over two decades working for leading global companies.

It is essential reading for anyone who wants to develop stronger business relationships, help their clients succeed, and improve their own sales.

It is highly regarded by those who follow successful sales skills approaches.

It has been implemented at leading companies around the world, including in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Singapore and Australia.


This summary provides a good overview of its content.


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Smarter Selling

Praise for Smarter Selling


'It’s probably the ‘how’ contained in Smarter Selling that makes the deepest impression. Any book can theorize on the ‘what’, but here we see the authors going one better to explain steps that bring it all together, using contemporary examples from around the world.' 
'The tools covered in Smarter Selling will help any sales person who is wanting to make the shift from a traditional to a consultative approach and ultimately towards becoming a trusted advisor.'
'Dugdale and Lambert have written a thoughtful, practical book that everyone learning how to sell complex services should read and which experienced sellers should read as a refresher and enhancer of their skills.'
'Success in the consultative sale is all about creating customer value from every meeting, but few salespeople know how to do this. Smarter Selling has many useful and practical ideas to help salespeople improve their value-creating capabilities.'

Nic Reed, ''Selling to the C-Suite''
Charles H. Green, best-selling co-author of ''The Trusted Advisor''
Ford Harding, best-selling author of ''Rain Making''
Neil Rackham,best-selling author of ''SPIN Selling''

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