What is the engage journey?

The engage journey is a journey of behavioural change that will equip you with the mindset and skills to build better trusted relationships with your clients and stakeholders.

To change our approaches requires a different mindset; new skillsets; and a range of tools to support a different, more engaging approach – this is the engage journey.  The journey is founded on the IoweUTM  approaches and tools outlined in the book Smarter Selling.

Your journey is assisted by an integrated online and offline learning experience that develops skills and attitudes, plus provides the supporting tools and work processes, to build trusted relationships.

This will help you:

  • Outside your organization - trusted relationships shorten buying cycles, reduce the effort needed to win work, and improve revenue and improve margins. For salespeople and consultants, the journey focuses on building trusted business relationships based on mutual trust and shared value. It is not about manipulating people to purchase a product or service that they do not need, or worse, will come to regret buying.
  • Internally - break down silos, foster collaboration and innovation, and enable cross-selling.

Smarter Selling has many useful and practical ideas to help salespeople improve their value-creating capabilities."

Neil Rackham, author of SPIN Selling and arguably the father of consultative selling.

The destination – engage advisor

An engage advisor is seen as a trusted business professional – whether in an external or internal capacity.

engage advisors approach relationships from a different position - asking “what is in it for you” as opposed to “what is in it for me”, leading to conversations where others want to be in a conversation with you rather than feeling they have to be in a conversation with you.

engage advisors -

  • have improved trusted and longer term relationships with their clients and stakeholders.
  • have strategic and valuable conversations with their clients and stakeholders.
  • are able to engage senior executives in meaningful dialogues, through a better understanding of their business priorities, opportunities and challenges, and can identify ways that their can add significant value to these clients.
  • are able to help on range of valuable initiatives, either through their efforts or through other members of their team, leading to greater conversion rates and higher profitability across their organisation.
  • are seen as different by their clients and stakeholders, who are willing to be generous with their time, share information more freely, and offering advice and recommendations, as well as recommending the advisor to others.
  • enjoy their work more!

Starting point – who should embark on the engage journey

In short, anyone who seeks to exert influence through the medium of trust.

Many advisors, although good technically or socially, are not seen as trusted business advisors by their clients.  They can provide short term solutions which help their clients with their immediate problems - but the client often fails to see the longer term strategic benefit as they have not explored the range of possibilities available, and the advisors share no real insights to help them get there.

The narrow focus of the advisor can reduce the ability to truly listen and to engage in broader discussions that go beyond their field of expertise.  This stunts our conversations and relationships.

People who have benefitted from the engage journey, include:

  • salespeople from multiple industries, including media, technology, retail, pharmaceutical and hospitality
  • consultants from fields as diverse as environmental, design, advertising, PR, engineering, architectural, technology and more
  • HR, Marketing, Finance and Compliance functions wanting to be seen as partners to the business
  • government bodies and NGO’s seeking improved dialogue with stakeholders
  • bankers, insurers and financial advisors seeking to know more about their clients’ goals and aspirations
  • lawyers and accountants seeking to be seen as commercially astute business advisors as opposed to technocrats
  • charities looking to improve their success in funds generation

Think where you are on the engage journey:

  • are you seen by your clients as a trusted business partner, or as a someone who they come to when they need specific business advice?
  • do you invest time with clients though these rarely develop into a wider business relationship?
  • do you want to move into a more strategic partnership with your clients and stakeholders?

Support on the journey

engage universe supports the journey through a combination of online self-learning; face-to-face training and skills practice sessions; one-to-one, group, and remote coaching; worksheets and other supporting tools.

The resources of the engage universe are used in many ways:

  • by individuals to learn concepts and test their level of understanding
  • by small, medium and large enterprises to support in-house delivery of workshops and embed learning
  • by public instructors to support classroom sessions and continuous learning
  • by coaches to support their coachees

The resources available include:

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Self-learning modules, workshops and seminars, and games based practice modules.



icon video160 031215


Video presentations by subject experts on key concepts.



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Live and recorded webinar sessions.



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Planners, worksheets, and online assessments to help you prepare strategies and assess your progress.



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Thought leaderships and insights to help you further on your journey.



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Forums to share ideas, and get your questions answered.

Contact us

To find out more on how you can benefit from commencing on the engage journey, please email info@engage-universe.com